Mbira Sensor Data Analyzer

Grover Lab
University of California, Riverside

Step 1:
Fill your mbira sensor with your sample, place your phone on a table, and orient your mbira sensor near the bottom edge of your phone (where the microphone is located). Open the Voice Memos app. If you can't find it on the home screen, look for it inside the Extras folder.
Step 2:
In the Voice Memos app, tap the red Record button and begin pinging your mbira sensor.
Step 3:
After recording several pings, tap the red Stop button.
Step 4:
Tap Done and enter a name for the sound file. Tap Save.
Step 5:
You should see your new recording in the list of recordings. Tap the recording name...
Step 6:
...and tap the Share icon (the share with the upward-pointing arrow).
Step 7:
Tap Save to Files.
Step 8:
Select iCloud Drive.
Step 9:
Select iCloud Drive, then tap Add. This will export the sound recording from the Voice Memos app to the iCloud Drive.
Step 10:
Visit mbira.groverlab.org.
Step 11:
Tap Choose File, then tap Browse.
Step 12:
Tap your sound file.
Step 13:
Tap Analyze Sound File. This step can take several seconds to complete. If it takes too long, tap the Advanced Settings dropdown and decrease the Maximum number of pings to analyze.
Step 14:
After a few seconds, the website will report the number of pings it found in the file, the average frequency of these pings, the standard deviation and coefficient of variation of these pings, and plots of the waveform of each ping.